Your May LPB Vendor lineup…


Cali & Mo


Anne Franklin Designs

Buy Me Tulips

Marmalade Creations

La Samara Studios

Hellimae's Salt Caramels

Kate McPhee

Girl with the Curl

Small Things You Find

Fern and Sprout

What a fantastic lineup of talented vendors we have! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!



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2 responses to “Your May LPB Vendor lineup…

  1. Jen Scofield

    Might as well give it up now, your market is pretty lame and destined to fail. I was there and I was very unimpressed. Just a few boring vendors selling nothing of interest. Why even bother.

    • Jen,
      So sorry you felt that way. I think my vendors are amazing. With that said, it was the FIRST event, and we did not have a full vendor lineup. I encourage you to come to the next event on June 12 where we will have a full vendor lineup and hopefully, some really great weather. Thank you for coming out and hopefully you will continue to show your support for handmade and vintage markets in Denver, even if it is not at the Lucky Pearl Bazaar. Have a great day.

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